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01 - No Warez of any kind. If it's commercial do not post links here. (more below a)

02 - No conversions allowed within 6 months of the original release date. This includes Pre-Released or beta's. It has to be six months from the full release date. (more below b & d)

03 - Full credit has to be included in the first post of any release thread be it full, WIP or Beta (more below c)

04 - We don't condone stolen mods or stolen components in mods. If you did not make it, DO NOT claim it as yours. Do this more than once and it’s a permanent ban.

05 - If you are unsure if you're mod should be posted please contact a moderator and we will look into this for you.

06 - F1 Classic Admin reserve the right to remove any open links we deem inappropriate on the forum. (more below d)

07 - Treat others with the respect you would like to receive yourself. (more below e)

08 - Anybody continually asking for release dates will receive a 7 day ban in the first instance. Carry on after this and the ban will become permanent. (more below f)

09 - Do not post links to other forums that require a registration. You want to post a link then make it a direct link to the download or download page of a site that requires no registration. Do not post links to sites that host content we do not allow - refer to other rules to determine what is not allowed.

10 - The advertising of or Links to pay to download sites are not allowed on this forum. This includes sites that insist on a donation to be paid before any downloads take place. This rule does not include original scratch made content such as URD as that is a different matter. That is the original author asking for payment for their own work and not somebody trying to make a profit from others.

11 - Paymods such as United Racing Design are supported by this forum and unauthorised links to their content will never be allowed. The six month rule does not apply as we should be supporting our own who are trying to make a living from their own work.

12 - Do not bump threads over 6 months old. If you are requesting a new link then place a request in the request section.

13 - Do not hijack someone else's thread with your own content. This can lead to confusion as to what content is being referred to. It is also bad etiquette and shows a lack of respect to the original poster of the thread.

a) This includes any commercially available content including games, software applications and video. If that's what you are looking for then there are plenty of other sites that offer that service and there is no need for it here.

b) WIPS can be discussed, but no links to betas can be posted until the six month date has expired. Any links posted before the six month date will be deleted and a warning issued followed by bans timed and permanent for repeat offenders. This also includes linking to other forums. This is to allow developers the chance to reap the rewards for their work before it is used for other formats. This also applies to screenshots and video content of said mods/tracks etc. There is to be NO advertising of material within the six month quarantine period

c) If you did not make it, you must clearly state who did. AND Don't know is not a valid excuse. If you don't know - find out BEFORE posting your mod. You must place a comprehensive read me file in the archive, and include the text of this read me in the release thread. This includes conversions from competing commercial titles and other mods. If a MOD is published without this readme, it will be excluded until it is posted. This rule also applies to any WIPS or Betas that are linked from the forum.

d) Some releases that use the business model of providing the game for free, but you have to pay for the cars, tracks etc will not be allowed here. The reason behind this is that this business model would generate an ongoing income for the developer and we do not want to effect that in any negative way. We are here to share our interest in Sim racing NOT to deny any developer an income.

e) Insulting, name calling, being aggressive/rude or baiting will not be tolerated. This can and will result in a permanent ban so please think before you post. We have a friendly community driven forum here and the minority will not be allowed to spoil it for the majority. There will be disagreements and heated debates and that is to be expected, but please keep it civilized.

f) Modders spend their own time creating these mods for free and that deserves a bit of respect. Show this with some patience and courtesy. Some people seem to think they have a right to know when a mod is released - you do not. Mods will be released when they are ready and not before and a lot of people are getting sick and tired of members posting gimme gimme posts and that will have to stop.


Over the past few years, we have continued to grow, now to the point where we are HUGE. As we approach 6000 members, we have found ourselves getting more and more bogged down in things that waste our time and efforts.

With this in mind, we are adding staff and restating our policy.

I started this forum for a very special and selfish reason. I wanted access to SlimJims F1Classic. It kept being shut out of other places for various reasons and I knew I was not alone in my desires. So some fine soul pointed me to a forum start up place and the rest is history.

What we grew into is a place where people could bring ideas, projects, league projects, shelved ideas, and just about anything that was out there to see if improvements could be made. And the end result of this process was a fantastic out pouring of work product that is overwhelming in its quality and quantity.

What has happened recently is new members have come in thinking that they have some moral authority to make demands and place requirements on what we do here.

What we are, in my mind at least, is a large open workshop. If it was a B&M place, it would be a large warehouse in a rundown part of town where people could bring their cars and share ideas and concepts.

Now, think for a moment that suddenly there was a rep from Chevy, Ford, Mazda and all the others manufacturers who said, “HEY, WE MADE THAT CAR AND YOU CAN’T MAKE CHANGES TO IT.” I don’t think that would go over to well. I know custom guys even have the nerve to take the bowtie off the hood. Damn, take that emblem off and I can’t figure out what car it is. Hell everyone knows it is a Chev.

My point is this. Everyone knows everything we do is based on the ISI application. How many creators give them credit? How many developers give credit to Microsoft for creating the Windows operating system? I don’t hear anyone bitching about Microsoft not getting credit. Should we take them for granted? How about the great guy who created “realfeel” and LeoFFB and what about that great suspension builder. He get much credit?

I could go on forever with this stuff but won’t. The point is this. If you come here to cry about a product. Don’t bother. This forum does not condone theft of product. Nor does it condone theft of ideas. What it does condone is people working together to improve ideas and products.

We are here to grow. We are here to test and improve. We don’t tear anything down. Not now, not ever. Treat others with the respect you would like to receive yourself. Insulting, name calling, being aggressive/rude or baiting will not be tolerated. You may think you are scoring points with your peers and think it funny or smart at the time, but it won't be so funny when you can't log in next time as you have been banned.

This is a community site where we all meet to help each other in any way we can. 99.9% of the time this is what takes place, but there have been a few incidents lately which have prompted this addendum to the current rules.

We will not allow the minority to spoil it for the majority. That happens too much in life and we will not allow it to take place here
Clifford Davis, F1Classic Forum Owner.
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